Saturday, 7 April 2012

Newton's first law

Although I decided in my head a couple of weeks ago that I would defer my place in the marathon until next year, it was only today that I officially withdrew.  I'll get an email sometime before the beginning of June asking if I want to run in 2013 ; as of now, though, I'm in marathon limbo-land.  (Limbo as in being unclear, not as in the dance.  My flexibility hasn't improved that much.)

Mini Magnums=Mini Calories.  Really.
I seem to have lost that running feeling.  I don't have any definite running goals now because...well, because I can't run and have no idea when I'm going to be able to again.  I know that my much-reduced cardio sessions are important for my rehab and that they, therefore, have a purpose.  Most days, I've been able to motivate myself enough to carry on with the programme; recently, though, I just haven't cared.  I haven't been to the gym since Monday and I haven't done any stretching since Tuesday.  And I've eaten entirely too many cakes, cookies, and mini-Magnums.

I'm very good at doing nothing; it's my natural state and, in the absence of any external forces (e.g. needing to earn a living), I'm quite happy drifting through life, not doing anything more than the absolute minimum required to get by (actually, that applies to earning a living as well).  Running is one of the few things that I'm prepared to put effort into, but it has to be consistent effort.  Otherwise, I quickly revert back to Inertia Woman.  Having goals - whether they are time, distance, or race goals - motivates me.  Faffing about for 15 minutes on a cross-trainer doesn't.

I know, I know - positive thinking; getting better all the time; change my goals to fit my current abilities; yadda yadda yadda.  I'll drag myself back into that mode tomorrow.  For now, I'm having a glass of wine and another piece of cake.


  1. You do know tomorrow never comes of course? by the way what sort of cake is it? Just curious being a cake and ice-cream lover myself I like to know these things!

  2. Damn, I knew there was something wrong with my reasoning! But tomorrow has to be today, as I've just had to let my belt out another notch...I ended up having cherry pie, Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia, and two creme eggs. The wine was a very nice Gavi. I felt happier, but it does kind of explain the extra belt notch, doesn't it?