Sunday, 14 October 2012

I'd be doing a happy dance right now...

if only my feet weren't so blisteringly sore.  Thank you to everyone who sent me positive vibes, crossed their fingers, offered encouragement, and volunteered to do the race with me next year (yes, Cathy, I'm talking about you!).  I'll write a longer post in the next day or so giving a step-by-step accounting of myself but, for now, here are the highlights.

Yes, I finished the race!  In 2:17, according to my Garmin.  No idea what my official time is, as it isn't on the website yet and I couldn't find my name on the list of times that was posted after the race.  On the one hand, I'm thrilled with my time.  I would have been happy with anything under 2:30 and, based on my training runs, was expecting to come in around 2:20.  On the other hand, I was on track for sub-2:10 until I had to stop, stretch, walk, and then reduce my speed at mile 11 following major grumbling from my calf. 

My legs feel amazingly okay tonight, aside from some residual stiffness in my calf/hamstring tendon.  I had a 15 minute massage after the race to loosen my calf, and the massage therapist thought that it was just tight as opposed to being injured.  Whew.  It'll be interesting to see how it feels tomorrow.  Fortunately, I'm seeing Adam then for a post-race massage, which I am expecting to be soothing rather than something designed to make me cry. 

My main source of pain tonight is from the blisters (which are under the callouses) on the outside of my big toes.  I have no idea why I've suddenly started getting blisters, although Chi Running would suggest that this is because my lower legs are still too stiff and I'm pushing off with my toes rather than just letting my foot float up behind me.  Aside from non-floating feet, however, I think that I maintained my form pretty well through most of the race.  I felt very Chi.

I wouldn't say that it was easy but, aside from the last two miles, I really enjoyed myself and I am now feeling cautiously optimistic for London.  188 days to go.


  1. Fantastic news - Paul and I are really pleased for you. Was worried that I didn't see your name on the results list - should have just checked here first! Here's to a speedy recovery, and lots of cake-and-champagne related celebrations. :-)

  2. Where did you find the results list??? I've clicked through from the AHM Facebook page as well as trying my usual link to the AHM website & all I can find are the 2011 results. Maybe I dreamt the whole cake tonight, but definitely tomorrow! Am taking the coming week off for 'recovery'. Perhaps I'll take a month after the marathon. :-)

  3. Hooray!!!!! I'm doing a happy dance here for you to release my fingers and toes! Well done. I'm even more impressed that you gave up the sub 2:10 to do the sensible thing of walking and stretching and not risking injury. Hope Adam doesn't hurt you too much.

  4. Well done! Have started a blog about the two kittens I've acquired.

    Cheers & Congratulations

  5. I found 2012 results via the AHM website:

    And what's a "super vet" anyway? Never heard that term before. Sounds most uncomplimentary! :-)

  6. Thanks, found it. I'M NOT ON THERE!!! But someone else with MY RACE NUMBER is. Will be emailing the organisers to see what that's all about. If I had known that I wasn't going to get an official time, I could have made up a better one for myself and no one would have ever known...'Super Vet' indeed. I was most miffed. And once you're over 60, you're 'Vintage.' Maybe they think that cutesy names will make one forget that one is old.