Sunday, 15 December 2013

Tempting fate

Since August, I've been running without a training plan.  No speed work, no hills, no specific mileage that I need to do each week, and no focusing on my Garmin.  Just running for the joy of running (with a few 10k races thrown in for fun).  My legs were happy with this approach and let me know this by staying injury- and niggle-free, as well as by being a bit more nippy than they've been in the recent past.  I was feeling optimistic about my running future.

And then I registered for the Malta Half Marathon.  And booked non-refundable plane tickets.  And booked accommodation.  And started to follow a training plan.  Yep, nothing like sending up a gigantic flare to the Running Gods inviting them to take their best shot.

In the last week, I have 1) tweaked my right ankle during a 7-mile run in high winds (I went over on it when blown off-balance by a particularly vicious gust.  Why was I running in such horrible winds?  Because I'M IN TRAINING, DAMMIT.)  and 2) tweaked my left medial arch - no idea how this happened, but it was a constant low level ache for days and days.  I'm walking a fine line between ignoring my fear that this could be the start of plantar fasciitis and making sure that I don't turn something low level into yet another race-stopping injury.  Oh, and 3).  The winter gales have arrived so EVERY SINGLE RUN now counts as resistance training.

Sheesh.  Who would have thought that booking one small race would have such an impact on my feet as well as on national weather systems?

In the interests of balanced reporting, I should say that I successfully completed a 4 mile run on Friday and a 7 mile run today with no pain or achiness whilst running and only a bit of medial arch grumbling afterwards.  Still, to be on the safe side, I'll take more care than usual in the weeks to come.

Just in case the Running Gods are paying attention.


  1. Ahh... so it's you we have to blame for this awful weather!

    Well done tho on your continued training and the HM sounds like a good one.

    Have an injury free xmas xx

  2. Yes, that's me, centre of the known universe! So much power, so little attention paid to what I do with it...

    Hope that you, MM, The Boys, and the gorgeous Odi have a fab Christmas and New Year! xx

    1. Thank you and same to you and Bassman and all those lovely girls xx

  3. Well done on getting out in such weather conditions! Does rolling a frozen bottle of water under your instep help with the achiness? Good luck with it all. x

  4. A tennis ball and frozen peas help, but I like the frozen bottle of water idea as well. I'm really trying NOT to run in high winds this time around, not that this is apparent from the number of times that I've been out slogging away in gales. Still, this morning I've sensibly decided to run on the treadmill after work rather than brave the 16mph winds; live and learn...x