Sunday, 13 July 2014

Running with a half-full glass

It's been three weeks since the Midnight Sun HM, there are three months to go until the Aviemore HM, and I have to confess to feeling a bit baffled as to what I do next.  I am so used to finishing a race and then taking at least the next month off due to either injury, illness (curse you, Malta HM!), or apathy that I don't know how to structure the start of training for Aviemore.

I haven't lost any fitness because I haven't taken any time off so there's no physical  need to cut back to the usual level that I'm at when I start training for a half marathon but, psychologically, it feels wrong (and scary) to run more.  Today, for example, my brain was saying, 'You're tempting fate, you're going to get injured again!' but my body was saying, ' Eight miles?  What's the big deal?'  And it wasn't a big deal.  At all.  I did an easy eight miles out and back along the Cromarty road.  It was very windy, it was very hot, and there were so many cars forcing me off the road that it would have been faster if I had leaped into the firth to swim home - but the running itself was fine.

So, following the advice of Cathy, Paul, and Adam (who are all agreeing with each other, so they must be right), I'll keep my long runs between 8-10 miles for now.  I'm not sure what to do with the rest of the running week but, now that my ankle has mysteriously fixed itself, I have options again. 

And if the Running Gods are reading this and think that I'm being complacent, let me assure them that I am as neurotic, hypochondriacal, and pessimistic as ever - but I am getting better at running as though I am not!


  1. How about some shorter runs to really really focus on your Chi techniques, with no thoughts of times or races or training plan distances. And a slightly speedier, more intense session? Bang, there's three runs a week. The time to Aviemore will pass quickly!

  2. Yes, that's a good idea. I'm already running naked and, aside from noticing whether I'm in Gear 1 or 2 (never 3!), am not really paying any attention to speed. I'd like to try running four times/week so three shorter sessions (one speedier or hillier) and one long run might be the way to introduce that without stressing my body too much. It's nice to have options!

  3. Naked? I wondered why you'd started sneaking out and back in.

  4. Naked: technical term for running without a watch, music, etc. As far as running without clothes on, I can barely cope with wearing shorts for a run so there's no way I'd be doing it starkers!

  5. Hmm thats conjured up a picture in my mind! Thanks for that bassman.
    It's good to know you are fit and well Matchgirl. I hope that means you will be looking for more marathons, half marathons etc...

  6. Thanks, Sue! Fingers crossed, it's all going well. The next race is the Aviemore Half Marathon in October, and then I'll make a decision about whether to try another marathon. I quite fancy the Venice Marathon next October...and I might be part of a relay team for a race along the West Highland Way in many races, so little time!