Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Getting better all the time

I haven't done any exercise at all since the Long Run five days ago.  Blame it on unexpected work commitments, fatigue due to Bess the Yowling Cat who wakes us up at first light, and migraine headaches.  Today, though, I had a small window during which I could squeeze in a quick run before my appointment with Adam so I dragged my tired self to the gym, telling myself that something is better than nothing.

And I was right.  I'm still sticking with run/walk but I kind of got distracted from watching the timer by my chi-focusing.  It was only when I glanced down and realised that I had been going for seven minutes - and feeling quite good with it - that I slowed to a walk.  It felt like I could have kept going and I was sorely tempted to do so, just to see what would happen.  But common sense kicked in; I am Slow and Sensible Woman these days.

I decided to do a 5 minute jog/30 second walk, which was an increase in total running time.  I also increased my speed a bit for a couple of minutes (yes, to see what would happen), and felt fine.  I went for 3.2km and was sorry that I had to stop. 

Adam expressed his satisfaction with my progress.  He couldn't find any scar tissue to speak of in my calf and said that, even after my run, my calf and hamstring were still quite relaxed.  Hurrah!  On the other hand (or, more accurately, on the other leg), my achilles and IT band apparently felt a bit tight.  The IT band was quite sharply sore when Adam dug his fingers into it, but he didn't think that I needed to do anything more than stretch it and foam roll it regularly.

This is all coming together at a good time because I have received confirmation of my place in the 2013 London Marathon.  It's all very exciting, if a bit daunting; what if I really am not cut out for long distances?  Then again, as someone pointed out to me the other day, the world is meant to end in December 2012 so perhaps none of this will be an issue.

I am going to be incredibly miffed if my training gets cut short.


  1. Hooray! The patience is paying off. I'm so impressed by your not giving in to temptation. Let's just hope that once again they've got the end of the world wrong!

  2. I can't decide if I'm being sensible or if I've just become phobic about pushing myself. Probably the latter...