Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Of deer and gear

When I had a proper full-time job with a Big Organisation, I used to run in the early morning all the time because that was the easiest way to fit running into my schedule.  Now, however, being self-employed and semi-retired (as opposed to being too lazy to work any harder), my mornings tend to be much more leisurely.  I get up when I feel like it (or whenever the cat decides that she wants me to get up, whichever comes first), eat my breakfast while I catch up with the gossip on the Daily Mail website, drink a mug or two of tea while checking emails and Facebook, and eventually head out for a run by mid-morning.  Today, though, I had a work meeting at 9.30, so I was out of the house before 7am for a 3 mile run.

I began to walk up the farm track towards the main road but quickly came to a standstill when I spied a large blurry shape at the far end of the track.  I don't wear my glasses when I run - I can see without them, just not all that well - and I feared that the large blur was in fact one of the fierce hunting dogs that routinely escapes from the Big House to run rampant across the countryside.  I braced myself for it to fling itself on me and rip out my jugular...but then I realised that it was a deer having a forage, and felt more than a bit foolish (and very relieved).

I saw some wildlife towards the end of the run too.  I surprised a buzzard having breakfast by the old church; it gave me an annoyed look and flew away, a small rodent of some kind clutched in its talons.  It was very close to me, which is why I was able to see it.  I also saw Early Morning Walking Man, who seems to always take his constitutional at that time of day, and who always says to me, 'You'd better hurry, you'll miss the bus!'  I've run out of witty things to say in return.

A milestone in my recovery was reached today when I ran my first complete mile since The Injury.  It was planned, I hasten to add.  I comfortably managed 9 minutes running/2 minutes walking over 2.5 miles on Monday, so this was the next logical progression.  I still was sensible though; I ran the first mile in 12 minutes, then walked for a minute, then did two sets of 10 minutes running/1 minute walking.  I felt like I could have easily run the whole 3 miles, but better to go too slowly and feel like I could have done more than to go too quickly and embarrass myself by having to phone Adam for an emergency appointment.

Lovely, lovely red!
Gear update:  My Mizuno shell, which I've had and loved for over 6 years now, is nearing the end of its life.  The zip is majorly uncooperative these days.  I can do the zip up with a struggle and lots of cursing but it's a bit disconcerting to look down half-way through a run to find the jacket slowly coming apart from the bottom up.  So, when the email from Baxter's Loch Ness Marathon & Festival of Running came through to say that they had some Gore running gear on sale, I leaped at the chance.  I am now the proud owner of a new lightweight, windproof, water repellent (and red) jacket that was 40% off.  I've worn it a few times now and it's fab.  If you fancy some discounted Gore gear of your own, there's still some available here.  Sizes are running out, so be quick!


  1. Early morning runs - at least on sunny mornings - are great, aren't they? I find I can run more strongly then than in the evening after work. And I've got a bright red Gore windstopper gilet, which is fantastically lightweight and windproof. I love running kit! :-)

  2. Once I'm out the door, I love running in the early morning. It's the getting out of bed that I struggle with...I don't have a gilet but, now that you mention it, I think that I need one. Yep, there's nothing like new running kit!