Sunday, 30 December 2012

Better luck tomorrow

A day to stay inside
I didn't run 8 miles this morning.  Nor did I run in the afternoon, and I'm not about to venture out this evening either.  I spent much of the day sighing in front of the window as I watched the rain lash down and the tree branches bend to breaking point in the 30mph winds.  There were brief glimpses of blue sky during which I thought, 'If I get dressed now, I can be out before the next downpour,' but by the time I reached the end of that thought, it had started to rain again.

If it had just been raining, I might have gone out.  If it had just been windy, I still might have given it a go.  If I had only been going to do 3 or 4 miles, I might have braved it.  But rain and high winds together are a misery, especially on long runs.  So I stayed inside where it was warm(ish), read my book, watched the Christmas episode of Miranda that we had recorded, and did a bit of tidying of my running gear drawers.  (I now have two very full bags of outdated and unwanted running clothes to take to the charity shop, and I was pleased to have found my compression tights in amongst the dross.  I wondered where they had disappeared to.)

My plan is to do the 8 miles tomorrow when the winds are supposed to be much less.  That'll only put me one day out of synch with my training programme, which is meant to start tomorrow with a rest day.  I figure a long run on Monday, shorter distances on Wednesday and Friday, and another long run on Sunday, and it'll be like I was on track the entire time.

Flexible and laid back, that's me!

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