Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Time flies when you're faffing around

I've been having a lovely, relaxed time since the Aviemore Half Marathon. The marathon in April has been in the back of my mind, but I haven't felt in any rush to decide on what training programme to follow, including when to start training.  'After all,' I thought, 'I have plenty of time.'  So, I've been running for fun, with no real goal in mind except paying attention to my form.  I've even been leaving the Garmin at home for a lot of runs, running according to how my body and breathing feel rather than obsessing about beating my previous times or distances. 

I've started back at the gym with a basic programme designed by Adam and have learned that I really like the rowing machine as well as remembering how much I also like doing weights.  I didn't do any cross-training or weights during my last marathon attempt and thought that these would be useful things to add in now, so that they can benefit my future training.  'But,' I thought, 'there's tons of time for this to happen.'

I didn't even panic when I missed out on my long run last week after a fright when my knee seized up during the long run the week before (by the time I got home, I couldn't bend it).  A reassuring Adam speculated that the knee pain was due to 1) some non-running related minor low back pain that was making me run a bit differently to protect my back and 2) carrying water on a waist belt instead of on my back, which we think made me lean from my waist and not from my ankles, thus putting even more stress on my lower back and all points south.  It wasn't an issue to take a few days out and to miss a long run because 'Hey,' I thought, 'I have plenty of time.'

Or rather, I did.  I realised a few days ago that there are now only 17 weeks left and training should have started...last week.  I thought that I would feel worried about this but, actually, now that I think about it, I'm not.  I'm not worried at all.  I feel a lot more relaxed going into this bout of training than I have for any of my previous marathon attempts.  I think I've accepted that running a marathon may not be for me, just like learning to ride a motorcycle and to scuba dive were not for me either.  My life hasn't been ruined by realising that I wasn't cut out for them and it won't be ruined by never running a marathon either.

So, yes, I'll still train and will still be a bit obsessive about it and will still really really want to be at the start line in April, but it feels like I have a lighter heart about the whole thing.  I've remembered that I enjoy running and that's enough.  If I get a marathon out of it, that's just a bonus.

Christmas update:   Bassman has written about our Christmas here, so have a look for updates on our holiday activities and cute pictures of cats.  We've had a low key time, filled with good food, good drink, and lots of yummy treats but no Christmas chocolates.  Imagine, then, my joy when Bassman finally 'fessed up that he had hidden the Christmas chocolates because I couldn't be trusted not to eat them all in one sitting before Christmas had even started.  I'm not sure what I'm more annoyed about - that he hid the chocolates, or that he knows me so well.

Merry Christmas, everyone!


  1. Wow! That is a leap forward, and I'm not talking about the Christmas chocolates. The what will be will be approach is the most sensible but also the hardest. Good luck with the training so that what will be is you on the start line in April.

  2. Maybe it's the Chi influence - I hesitate to say 'mindfulness' as just the word makes me want to fidget - but I've been trying to be just where I am. In running terms, anyway. I'm still as all-or-nothing as ever in the rest of my life.

  3. Your not going to learn how to ride a motorcycle?!! I don't belieeeve it!!

  4. I did give it a go, honest! In my heart of hearts, I haven't completely given up on the idea but I'd do it a lot differently the next time - for example, I'd take 1:1 lessons, I'd stay on the 125 until I had at least mastered the art of starting and stopping smoothly, and I wouldn't fall off and crack a rib. However, for now, I'm very happy being the passenger!

  5. Yup, I'm with Lizzie! Good luck with the light hearted but serious marathon training in 2013. :-)