Tuesday, 14 May 2013

At a standstill

I haven't run at all since the marathon and haven't been to the gym in over two weeks. In fact, until the last three or four days, I've struggled even to walk.  And, as enjoyable as I myself find it, I didn't think that there'd be much interest in blog posts about me sitting on the sofa eating chocolates, reading trashy novels, and watching daytime television.  However, just like there finally are signs that Spring is springing (such as the first mowing of the garden, the subsequent first breaking of said mower, Bassman's first cold of the season, and the first passing on of Bassman's cold to me of the season), there finally are signs that my leg is beginning to recover from its ordeal.

I'm not quite ready for any springing around, but I can now walk from my car to my office without stopping every 10 steps to cry.  I can put weight on my leg again and can even go up the stairs again like a normal person, rather than hauling myself up by the handrails as though I'm climbing the north face of the Eiger.  I can sit down and stand up without an involuntarily shout of pain and I can go from a standstill to a walk without first fearing that my leg is going to collapse under me.  And although I'm still limping, I'm no longer listing from side to side quite so noticeably.  I remain in The Pain Zone but The Joy of Discomfort looms.  So, progress.

Adam, whom I saw yesterday, said that I can think about going back to the gym at the end of this week for some GENTLE stationary biking and some swimming (if I can stand the boredom and if it doesn't make my leg feel worse).  He is hopeful that I'll be able to start running again in a couple of weeks.

I'm trying to take it all in my stride (well, as much of a stride as someone with a hip flexor strain is able to have) and generally am staying remarkably calm about the whole enforced inactivity thing.  I'm not sure how long that will last - Juneathon starts in...well, in June - but, for now, I'm doing okay.

Because you can't be sad when there are lambs in the world!


  1. I walked (or rather, limped) right into that one! Sometimes I forget that there are carnivores about!