Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Shoes, glorious shoes (with photos)!

I might not be able to walk without limping, and running might still be a distant hope, but that's no reason not to indulge in a shoe-buying frenzy.  (Thanks to Cathy for pointing me in the direction of Sportshoes.com and their fabulous sale!)

I'm now the very pleased owner of two new pairs of running shoes.  The first is another pair of Saucony Triumph 9s (in a different colour from my current T9s, which I love and which I've been wearing as my walking-around-shoes).
They're a bit more neon in real life.

The second pair sees the return of the Saucony Kinvara 3s.  You might remember that I tried the Kinvara 3s before and didn't get on with them due in part to the roomy toe box and in part to my fear of the 4mm heel-toe drop.  Now that I have wide marathon-runner feet, I though that I'd give them another go, and they do seem to fit better this time around.  I'm planning on using them as my walking-around-shoes and my going-to-the-gym shoes.  I'm not sure that I'm going to be running in them anytime soon - I'm still afraid of the drop- but they do look the biz!
Look!  Purple running shoes!  I am so happy!

I've also been amusing myself on ebay.  My favourite summer shoes EVER - black Rocket Dog flats with lots of bling on the toes - have now reached the end of their journey as I've pretty much worn through the soles, which was breaking my heart as Rocket Dog no longer do this shoe.  Woo hoo for ebay, then, and the endless string of lightly worn but still beautiful Rocket Dog flats!

I was thrilled to find a pair of identical Rocket Dogs to my soon-to-be-retired pair but was crushed when I was outbid with 2 seconds to go - it was my own fault as I misplayed the bidding game.  I learn from my mistakes though (at least when it comes to shopping) and won the auction for another pair of black flats AND a fab pair of red polka dot ones.

I now have more motivation than I could possibly need to get myself walking - and running - again.

Not quite as sparkly as the shoes they're replacing, but lovely nonetheless.

Who knew that I needed polka dots?


  1. Love the purple ones! Actually love them all... but I'm going to be good here and not even click on the link to the website or have a look on ebay. That would be fatal! Enjoy them!

  2. So pleased to have been of service! Those purple shoes are the business - but pink laces .... ???? Not so sure about those. But hey, if they give you happy feet again, who cares!? :-)

  3. But the running shoes are all on sale, Vee - it would be rude not to at least have a look at them!...And Cathy, the pink laces are the icing on the purple cake. My two favourite colours, together in one shoe; happy feet, indeed!