Friday, 27 September 2013

Curbing my enthusiasm

Did you know that there's a 10k race that runs alongside the Aviemore Half Marathon?  No, neither did I.  I don't know why I didn't know - the web page clearly states that it's the Aviemore Half Marathon and 10k - but I obviously only saw what I wanted to see.  Now that I'm 10k-oriented, though, I'm noticing them everywhere (including last night, when a perusal of a local What's On magazine confronted me with the news).

I had a huge burst of excitement - the Aviemore 10k is two weeks after the Inverness 10k and two weeks before the Culloden 10k.  I'm feeling great, the running is going well, so I could do this race too!!!  And then I'd be able to (sort of) run with Cathy and Paul at Aviemore rather than being merely a spectator!!!

Before I registered for it, though, I did the SENSIBLE thing and texted Adam to get his opinion.  And he texted back with what I expected him to say - doing three races in short succession might be more than my recovering body could cope with.  Two races, fine.  Three races, NOT FINE.  After a brief episode of pouty face and stompy feet, I reluctantly acknowledged that he was right.

Too much, too soon.  Sigh.

So, it's back to the original plan of the Inverness 10k on Sunday, the Culloden 10k a month after that and, in between, cheering madly for Cathy and Paul as they whizz across the finish line in Aviemore.  Not a bad default plan at all.


  1. Well done on being Sensible.
    And as for "whizzing" across the line - well, Paul will be whiizzing, I'll be huffing and puffing as usual. :-)
    Good luck for Inverness tomorrow!!

  2. I like to think that I'd have been Sensible even if Adam hadn't scoffed at my idea, but somehow I doubt Running Intuition tells me that you're going to be sub-2:00, and that's whizzing in my book!