Sunday, 15 September 2013

Just like old times

Yesterday's 6 mile run saw me leap (or rather, sensibly climb) over some psychological hurdles.  These consisted of:

Length of run:  Six miles is the point at which I think that proper long runs start, and I worried that maybe my hip wasn't quite ready for a Long Run.  Phew.  I managed the distance easily so now I know that I can at least make it to the end of the Inverness 10k in two weeks.

Location:  I have deliberately done all of my runs since The Injury on flat roads, avoiding even slight inclines for fear of stressing out my hip flexors.  But for yesterday's run, I ran entirely on the Cromarty Road.  It's not exactly hilly, but it is undulating in parts.  My legs were fine with this, and they're still fine today.  Again, phew.

Wind:  Because I lay part of the blame for The Injury on running 21 miles on the Cromarty Road in gale force winds, I've been a bit nervous about venturing out in windy conditions, especially on such an exposed road.  My six miles were pretty much into the wind the whole way, but I was so happy to be doing Proper Running again that I barely noticed. 

Getting wet and cold:  Another segment of blame for The Injury involves how cold I was during and after the Inverness HM, so I've been careful in this return to running to keep my legs warm while out, which includes avoiding running in the rain.  I thought that I was going to avoid being cold and wet yesterday too, but a surprise rain shower and running into a biting wind the last mile made me more than a bit shivery.  When I stopped, I definitely was aware of my hip flexor, quad, and adductor feeling tight - cue a brief panic.  However, the 20 minute cool-down walk back home helped to loosen everything up and, as above, phew.

Wind, rain, and long runs.  Just like old times.


  1. Not running in the wind and the rain and the cold - a tall order in Scotland, surely? I hope you've organised some good weather for the AHM!

  2. I'll have you know that we had a proper summer this year - I even had to break out the running shorts a couple of times! I've made my plea to the Running Gods (and their cousins the Weather Gods) for good AHM weather but, as long as the wind is at your back, you'll be fine!