Monday, 12 December 2011

Slip sliding away

Today is the first day that I've been able to run since the disastrous Storm Run in Shetland on 2 December.  Not only was there foul weather both there and then back home to contend with, but I was struck down by a migraine on Friday that lasted until Sunday.  Sitting quietly on the sofa and trying not to move my head was about all that I could manage; running was not an option.

But today I was feeling better, the sun was shining, and there wasn't any wind - there was no excuse to stay inside.  Besides, I kind of had it in my head that my official training was going to start on the 4th, which means that I'm behind before I've even begun. 

I planned on doing an easy 3 miles, taking my time after the 10 days off, and just enjoying being out again.  And I did do the 3 miles.  And I did go slow.  Very slow.  Not because of lack of fitness, but because of the black ice that covered half of my route.  I alternated between a quick shuffle, walking, sliding, skating, and occasional bursts of normal running where the ice had melted - it took me almost 10 minutes longer than this route usually takes, but I also avoided the broken bones that my accident-prone nature invites.  The Yaktrax are still in the post, so tomorrow morning's 7am run is going to be at the gym. 

Shopping update:  After a quickish trip to Run 4 It, accompanied by the ever-patient Bassman, I am now the happy owner of a Gore winter running jacket (in a fluorescent fuschia) and a Gore mid-layer top (black with fuschia accents) - I had no choice but to buy them both, because there was a 'spend over £80 on two items and get 20% off' offer - and another pair of Saucony running shoes (with a bright pink swish along the side).  I got 20% off the running shoes too, possibly as a thank you for single-handedly keeping the store in profit.  I also looked into getting some winter tyres for the Mini (not at Run 4 It, at the Mini garage); if Pirelli made tyres in pink, maybe I'd have gone for them too.

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