Thursday, 15 December 2011

A visit to the physio

Today I had an appointment with Jan, the physiotherapist who over the years has seen me through several bouts of Achilles tendonitis (or tendonopathy, as the preferred phrase now seems to be), a torn calf muscle, a subtalar joint injury (it's one of the joints in the ankle), iliotibial band syndrome, and an impingement of both shoulders.  They were all running related with the exception of the shoulder impingements, which apparently are related to being middle-aged.

I phoned Jan after last week's runs in the wind triggered a recurrence of Achilles discomfort.  It seems to have settled down again -  no pain during my three runs this week - but I thought that a focus on prevention of further injury was called for.  Besides, it's been months since my last visit to Jan and I think that she misses me when I'm not there.  According to her, I'm one of a small number of her patients who actually does the exercises that she prescribes.

Her assessment identified that my left Achilles tendon (the one that is currently causing concern) is a lot weaker than the right one and that there is some minor tenderness but no lumps, bumps, or thickening that would indicate scarring.  After a friction massage of the offending tendon and then some ultrasound, I was sent on my way with some strengthening exercises to do as well as the all-clear to continue running.

It's nice to have an official sanction for what I was planning on doing anyway.

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