Saturday, 17 December 2011

The spirit of Christmas, with pictures

I accompanied Bassman to the Culbokie Farmers' Market this morning where he had a stall selling his book along with cards and prints of his photos.  My plan was to keep him company and indulge in tea and cake while doing so, as well as collecting the Christmas wreath that I had ordered in November from a local craftsperson.  Unfortunately, the wreath that was waiting for me was not the wreath that I remember ordering.  I remember lush greenery, small white flowers, and a red velvet bow.

What I got was greenery that is drying out and yellowing on the ends, a couple of big plastic white flowers that don't even attempt to look real, and a red plastic bow.  I'm also sure that I paid for it at the time of ordering but the seller insisted that I hadn't and, because I didn't have a receipt (hey, it's a local market - everyone knows everyone, so I never thought to make it formal), I ended up having to pay for it again.  With hindsight, I wish I had refused to pay and just walked away.  Unfortunately, I suffered an episode of politeness and didn't want to make a scene, so now I'm the owner of an ugly wreath that's hanging funereally on the gate outside because I refuse to have it in the house.  Perhaps the pine martens will appreciate it.

The afternoon improved, though, because I decorated the Christmas tree.  I managed to put the lights on without my usual bouts of cursing and tears, and I had a joyous reunion with the Sparkly Reindeer and their adopted son.

 The Boys, looking macho in their marabou boas

The festive spirit even made me almost forget about the woman who nicked my first choice tree out from under me at the tree shop yesterday - I turned my back for just a minute to look at other possibilities, leaving the garden centre guy holding the tree that I kind of wanted, and the next thing I knew this woman was walking away with my tree!  Bassman will say that that's what I get for dithering, but I think it's just rude.

Making the day perfect, however, was the arrival of my new boots from Susie's Sheepskin Boots.  They are beautiful, warm, and comfortable.  Merry Christmas to me!