Saturday, 2 February 2013

Janathon and beyond

Janathon 2013 is over.  Although I wimped out of three days due to panic over my Cramped Calf, I am pleased with what I did accomplish:

Total hours of exercise:  26
Total miles run:  65
Cake eaten:  none
Pounds lost:  3

Did I learn anything about myself, about running, about life during Janathon?  Well, I surprised myself by enjoying the daily activity.  And I think that being active every day has helped my legs to recover after the long runs in particular, which I wasn't expecting.  The Cramp aside, I'm happy with how my running is going.  I'm much more relaxed about it and about the marathon, which perhaps is contributing to a more relaxed running style.  Adding in the gym sessions has helped me to be less obsessed with the running side of things and, while my triceps still dingle dangle, in the right light there is now a hint of muscle definition.  I fully intend to carry on in the spirit of Janathon up to the marathon in April (after which I'll revert to my usual slothly behaviour).

Blogging every day turned out to be more of a challenge than exercising every day, which I wasn't expecting either; however, I'm an even slower blog-writer than I am a runner and I seem unable to write less than epic-length blog entries, no matter how hard I try, so that doesn't help.  Something to work on for the future, no doubt (but, unfortunately, not for today).

Although not officially part of Janathon, my NoMoreCake-athon was a success too.  This also was a surprise.  After the first couple of days, I honestly can say that I did not miss cake, cookies, cupcakes, and all other manner of doughy sugary goodness.  I did not miss chocolate either.  I was hopeful that a sugar reduction would result in more energy, but that didn't happen.  Either I don't react to sugar in the way that I thought, or I'm packed to the gills with the stuff and it will take longer than a month to clear my system.  My bets are on the latter.  Nonetheless, I did lose a bit of weight and I can now fit back into my favourite work trousers and my belt is back on the 4th notch.  I'm inclined to carry on with the absence of cake and chocolate, especially after having a cake-like muffin (raspberry and white chocolate) after today's run and finding it a bit...meh.

All in all, Janathon was a Good Thing and I think that it has changed my behaviour for the better.  So what goals have I set for myself in the coming months?  Well, aside from carrying on with my training programme, I've decided to enter the Inverness Half Marathon which is on 17 March.  (You might remember that I had to withdraw from it last year due to injury.)  My long run that week should be 16 miles, but I figure that a 13 mile race is sort of equivalent to a 16 mile long slow run.  I can practice my marathon race pacing (Adam's suggestion) or race it like a half-marathon (my secret plan, which I haven't shared with Adam.  Ssshhh.).  I've also entered the Aviemore Half Marathon again in an attempt to actually get an official time (and, of course, to beat my unofficial time from last year).

And that's about it.  I'll maybe write about today's long run - 13 miles!  Woo hoo for me! - tomorrow.  But for now, back to icing my calf (preventative, not rehabilitative) and enjoying the artichoke and feta pizza that Bassman kindly has gone out to fetch for me.  Carbs and salt - the perfect post-run meal.  And not a cake in sight.


  1. Well, thank you for your Janathon blogs! I'm glad it's had such a positive outcome for you; its certainly helped motivate me with my own running, to the extent that - as promised - I've just entered the AHM!

    (The muffin sounds yuk, and the pizza sounds fab, btw)! :-)

  2. Hurrah for your AHM entry! Depending on how long you're staying afterwards, we could book you in for a post-race recovery massage session with Adam & he could shout at you too!

    Yeah, the muffin was just too sweet - can't believe I'd ever hear myself say that. The pizza was great, even though they had run out of black olives and so used green ones, and just what I needed.

    Am still dithering over the Port Sunlight 10k. Can't believe that I'll be able to run again so soon after London! Might enter it just in case though.

  3. Oooh, being shouted at by Adam ... be still my beating heart! (Actually, I'm going to book a sports massage or two at the local physio clinic before the 1/2M. Legs a bit sore at present; sitting here on the floor with frozen peas under both calves ... how sad is that?!)

    Go on, enter the 10K! It could easily be followed by a therapeutic handbag shopping expedition to the Outlet Village .... ! :-)

  4. Frozen peas under your calves is SENSIBLE, not sad at all. Sports massage sounds like a good idea though - will definitely loosen things off.

    Had completely forgotten about handbag shopping! Count me in for the 10k then! If I can't run, I'm sure that I can shop (and cheer you on as you cross the finish line in a blistering time).