Thursday, 28 February 2013

The Bumblebees have landed

My brand new, bright yellow Saucony Guide 4s arrived a few days ago.  Hurrah.

My first response to seeing them in all of their yellow glory was to put them in the muddy shoe box under a pair of Bassman's well-used boots.  I could still see the yellow, though, and spent the evening glowering at them from across the room.

However, because I am striving to be more Sensible, I reluctantly have come around to the idea that I'm going to have to wear the Bumblebees eventually so, today, I did just that.  I wore them to and from work.  It's a 5-minute walk - IN PUBLIC - from my car to my office, through wet leaves and hidden puddles which, unfortunately, left no mark on them.  They aren't just yellow, they are teflon as well. 

The Bumblebees visit my office.
No one reacted in a horrified manner or pointed at my feet and snickered, but perhaps they were all being polite.  I must admit, Their Supreme Yellownesses are comfortable and it is clear in comparison that my current pink and silver Guide 4s have lost a lot of their cushioning.  My first run in the Bumblebees is tomorrow, so we'll see how that goes.

My feet may thank me for this, but the rest of me is still sulking.


  1. Could be clever photography angles but they don't look that bad on.

  2. That's because it's dim lighting. In the sun, you'd be blinded if you looked directly at them!