Thursday, 7 February 2013

Still here, still running

Now that Janathon is over, I'm back to my old blogging habits which basically consist of thinking about writing something and then not writing it.  I've also been thinking a lot about going to the gym and then not going.  Fortunately, this pattern has not (so far) applied to running. 

I'm keeping up with my training schedule.  Today's effort was 7 miles, including 4 miles of intervals.  To fit this in before work, I had to be up at 7am (oh, the horror!) and out the door by 7.30 WITHOUT BREAKFAST.  I seem to have developed a bit of a phobia about running on an empty stomach, fearing that I'm going to crash and burn by the roadside if I don't have a full tummy and pockets stuffed with gels, sweeties, bananas, cereal bars, etc.  This despite having run in the early hours before breakfast all the time back in the days when I had a proper job that started at a proper time.  Although I felt a bit anxious, I reassured myself with the fact that running on an empty stomach helps your body to burn fat.  Yep, an appeal to my vanity works every time.

Anyway, the run.  Far from being in a weakened state, I felt fine.  My legs were a bit tired but that's because I am tired, being in the midst of one of my insomnia cycles.  I had promised Adam that I would listen to my body and not do the intervals if my calf didn't feel right.  I listened and didn't hear any complaints, so I did six half-mile intervals interspersed with a quarter-mile of easy running.  The speed of the intervals increased from 11min/mile pace for the first one (as I said, I was tired) to 9.30min/mile pace for the last two.  No calf pain, no pain anywhere else.  And I wasn't aware of being hungry until I stopped. 

Next up, a 15 mile long run on Saturday.  Folks, I'm now entering uncharted territory.  I'd better stock up on supplies just in case.


  1. Sounds like a great session! Good luck for the 15 miles. What are you going to listen to?

  2. Good luck for Saturday... not that you need it of course!

  3. I finished The Woman in White a couple of runs/gym sessions ago & really enjoyed it. I'm about half-way through The Black Ice (by Michael Connelly) but am not hugely impressed by the guy reading it. Still might finish it though. Downloaded The Moonstone (another Wilkie Collins), which is an 18 hour unabridged version - that should get me through some long runs! Plus I'll have my running music (My Chemical Romance, Foo Fighters, Lost Prophets, Pink) to perk up my legs when they want to quit. I think that should do it!