Tuesday, 5 March 2013

In control

'Control the controllables.' 

This was Adam's advice to me following a text exchange in which I expressed my paranoia about the state of my calf.  Not that it's in a particularly concerning state at the moment, but it could be in the future and I spend a lot of time worrying about this.  However, according to Adam, as long as I am doing EVERYTHING possible to look after my calf, that's all that I can do.  No point in worrying about the uncontrollable variables because...well, because I can't control them.

With that in mind, I chose not to run today.  My calf, while not injured, doesn't feel quite right and missing a day of running won't make any difference to the marathon.  So I went to the gym instead and did some cardio and weights and, of course, my stretches.  I'll continue with the foam rollering tonight and add in the application of hot and cold.  I'm meant to be running 8 miles tomorrow, including intervals, but I'll wait and see how things feel before upping the pace (and will cut the run short if my calf needs to stop). 

I will be SENSIBLE and IN CONTROL, at least for another 46 days.  Not very exciting, but it might just get me to the start line.

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