Sunday, 13 November 2011

Decisions, Decisions

I am a Libra with Virgo rising.  What this means for the unenlightened (or the uninterested) is that I am indecisive, but I complicate this indecisiveness even further by trying to be organised about it. When I have a decision to make, I often turn to the internet and can spend many happy hours/days/weeks obsessively researching all of the possible options.  This satisfies the Virgo part of me, but it does tend to give the Libran part even more things to dither over.  Sometimes this process works out well, such as when I had to buy a new car or when I was trying to decide between two anti-aging moisturisers.  Other times, though, I just get into a panicky muddle, which is where I am at the moment.

I need to decide on a training plan for the marathon.  Spread out in front of me are seven different plans.  There are merits and disadvantages to all of them.  The FIRST programme asks if I want to only run three times/week and improve my times.  Yes, that sounds very nice, but closer examination reveals that the runs are all high-intensity speed work.  I'm not sure that my achilles tendon could cope with that.  Plus I'm probably too lazy to push myself that hard.  I am a Libra, after all.

The VLM (Virgin London Marathon, for those of us in the know) and Hal Higdon sites have numerous plans, but I fall between the novice and intermediate runner categories.  The VLM plans want you to run six times/week.  Hal Higdon goes for four.  Jeff Galloway recommends a planned combination of running and walking, which doesn't sit well with my competitive nature (of course I'm going to run the whole way!), until I read all the testimonials from people who have dramatically bettered their times by doing this.  Some programmes run for 24 weeks, some for 20, some for 16, and one for 32.  What's a girl to do? 

Probably what I always do.  Ignore it for a while, then get myself into a tizz because I've ignored it for too long, and then convince myself that I know best and combine several elements of several programmes to make a programme that's just for me.  As my horoscope says, 'Over the next several months, it is good for you to try new approaches - don't reject challenges to the status quo.'  You can't argue with the stars.

Running update:  Yesterday I did a five mile run that was five minutes faster than the last time that I ran this route (which includes some hills).  Nothing hurt, either during the run or after.  The ways of the achilles tendon are mysterious indeed.

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