Monday, 7 November 2011

Handbags at Dawn

Bassman gave this blog two weeks before it was all about handbags and cats.  How I scoffed at this; sometimes I think that he doesn't know me at all.  Except, really, he does.  I did manage to focus on running for all of two days, but today the running has been overshadowed by The Public Unveiling of the Handbag.  Or more specifically, the unveiling of my new Mulberry handbag (oversized Alexa, in plum, for those who care about such things). 

If you're interested in how I came to purchase the Alexa, I recommend that you have a read of Bassman's account of the day, which I can't better.  He's even included a photo of the Alexa in action for your viewing pleasure.  I kept the bag in its protective cloth bag until we got home from our holiday, and then hung it on the stair post so that I could admire it every time I went into the kitchen or upstairs.  But the Alexa was crying out, if not to be used, at least to be admired by someone else besides me, Bassman, and the cat (and the latter two pretty much ignored it).

Which is why it is here with me in Shetland, to be shared with with friends who know how to appreciate a handbag.  I was up before sunrise, which is around 7.45 this far north, making the momentous decision about what to put into the Alexa so as not to disturb its sleek and classy lines. Nothing worse than a saggy bottom on a handbag.  However, I was most impressed that, not only is it infinitely beautiful, it's actually quite functional.  I filled it with my Filofax, a large notebook, two mobile phones, my new Vivienne Westwood purse (that's a wallet for my American readers), an apple, a banana, a small bag with make-up essentials, and other girly bits and pieces.  And it still looked amazing. 

At work, The Empress and J had words of high praise for the Alexa, with special consideration paid to the way that the leather feels and smells, and The Empress demonstrated a hidden talent by identifying the purse as a Vivienne Westwood from across the room.  Respect, Empress!  Our other colleague is on annual leave this week, but she's made an appointment to come by tomorrow morning to pay her own homage to The Bag of Great Beauty.  It's nice to be amongst kindred spirits.

Oh, and today the running went well too.


  1. I still think you should ask Mulberry for sponsorship to run the marathon with it over your shoulder.

  2. Aaarrrggghhh! Sweat stains on the plummy loveliness of the Alexa? I think not. Unless Mulberry offered to replace it with an equally gorgeous (new) bag at the end...

  3. Not to worry, Sue, there's no requirement to be a Handbag Person to stay at The Rural Retreat. Although even non-handbag people still think the Alexa is very beautiful...