Thursday, 10 November 2011

Normal Programming Has Resumed

Having briefly been distracted by handbags, prosecco, and cake, I am now back home again and ready to resume the mantle of Marathon Runner in Training.  I didn't have to be at work until 10.30 today and had planned to be at the gym by 8.30.  My usual morning faffing about meant that I didn't actually get there until after 9.00, which meant that there wasn't time for much more than a 5k run on the treadmill. 

Even after a 4.5 mile run on Monday in Shetland that included some hills, my achilles tendon felt great so I decided to push things a bit on the treadmill.  Just a little bit.  Just enough to feel like I might actually run at a decent pace again someday.  And it all felt fine until about half-way through when I felt a...pain? stabbing? ping? in my achilles.  No, it wasn't nearly that severe.  It was more like a tingle that disappeared as soon as I shortened my stride and stayed away for the rest of the run. 

But now it's been aching on and off for the rest of the day.  It isn't exactly pain, more of a discomfort, but it's a disappointment too.  I suppose that the sensible and adult way of looking at it is that, even though I had a couple of runs without pain, my achilles will still be recovering from the previous stress on it so I should just relax and GO SLOW.  Focus on increasing mileage rather than speed.  I hadn't planned on targeting my pace until January at the very least so it isn't like I'm behind schedule, and I know that it's important to allow myself to get healthy first before I do any pushing of limits.

Those are fine and helpful words.  I'll do my best to listen to them and not to be led astray by my inner adolescent who is whispering, 'Yeah, but look how fast you went...'

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