Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Treading with caution

I didn't run today nor did I go to the gym.  My left hamstring is still tender, although not as much as it was yesterday.  The pain at the back of my left knee made a brief reappearance when I walked up the stairs to my office, but it quickly faded and hasn't been felt since. 

If my achilles tendon had the same level of discomfort that my hamstring has, I would have been happy to run on it.  However, never having had a hamstring problem before, I have no idea about how far and fast to push things and am trying to err on the side of caution (whereas I feel like I could set up shop as an Achilles Tendon Rehab Specialist). 

This hamstring thing has prompted me to rearrange my training programme a bit.  I've been doing my long runs on Friday, but I've decided to change them to Sunday.  My two upcoming races are both on Sundays which will make the long runs/race days the same; the additional advantage of making the change now is that I'll have four non-running days until the long run this Sunday.  I'm hopeful that this rest will let whatever is wrong heal up before I head out for my first 15-miler.

Yes, ever the optimist (or, more accurately, ever the idiot), nothing's going to stop my long run!

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