Saturday, 18 February 2012

Only 10 miles

Yesterday was my second 10-mile training run and was part of a reduced-mileage week.  This makes me laugh, as I when I first started this marathon journey I couldn't imagine that I'd ever be at the stage where I would consider 10 miles a shorter run. And where I'd be almost disappointed that it wasn't longer.  And where I'd finish 10 miles feeling strong and energetic and pain-free.  But that's what happened yesterday.

Because I'm so tired of running into the wind, I planned my route so that most of the time I'd have the wind at my back.  This included ending the run in Cromarty, at Bassman's suggestion, where he would come to collect me in the car.  He had strict instructions that, if he didn't hear from me by 11:45, he was to leave for Cromarty anyway.  The literary-minded amongst you can consider this to be foreshadowing.

The run felt great.  I used a 4/1 run-walk ratio for the first seven miles and ran the last three.  As always, it took me about three miles to feel warmed up but what's encouraging is that my warm-up speed is now what my top speed was a couple of weeks ago.  I didn't push myself but just let my body find the pace that it was comfortable at.  This seemed to be around the 10.30 to 11.00 minute mile pace.  I didn't feel particularly challenged cardio-wise and I felt like I could have gone faster and further; that's encouraging too.  

This was my first time using energy gels, so maybe that played a role as well.  I took one about 20 minutes before I left for the run and a second one about an hour into it.  I'd read that some gels are more palatable than others; the first one that I took was a mixed berry flavour and was relatively pleasant.  The second one was citrus.  Citrus flavour, to me, is orange.  It is most definitely NOT lime.  If it's lime flavour, then the package should say 'lime.'  I hate lime (unless it's a slice in my G&T), especially when it's unexpected lime.  Bleh.  Won't be having that one again.

 I didn't notice any huge burst of energy from the gels but then again, I also didn't notice feeling like I just wanted to lie down by the side of the road and have a nice sleep.  So maybe there's something to it.  I'll persevere.

I finished the 10 miles 10 minutes faster than I had expected, which I took advantage of by doing a 10 minute cool down walk.  By this time, Bassman should have been on his way in the car so I waited by the side of the road.  And did some stretches.  And waited.  And did some more stretches.  And waited.  Fifteen minutes later, it occurred to me that he wasn't coming, so I phoned home to find a husband who had forgotten about me.  A very sheepish Bassman showed up shortly thereafter; concerned readers will be relieved to know that I am speaking to him again.


  1. That Bassman was sailing a bit close to the wind on that one!

    Well done you though. Sounds like your training is going really well.

  2. Fortunately, I'm such an even-tempered and understanding person...however, I suspect that there would have been a different outcome if it had been raining or if the run had gone badly!