Saturday, 21 January 2012

10 miles, more or less

Yesterday's run, again out the Cromarty road, was one that I approached with trepidation.  I was worried about the impact that a long run would have on tendons and muscles that already were feeling not quite right although, psychologically, I was looking forward to it.  But I Sticked my legs before I left the house, gave myself plenty of time to warm up before starting the run, took some raisins to nibble if I got hungry, and agreed with myself that I would follow a planned run/walk pattern for at least the first seven miles.  All sorted.

However, I have a bit more control over my body than I do over technology, and I have absolutely no control over how my mind understands anything to do with numbers.  Although the stop watch started immediately, the GPS in my phone didn't pick up a signal until somewhere towards the end of the first mile, and then flitted in and out until I was well past Jemimaville and out along the water.  I thought that I knew what I was doing; once it kicked in, I was going to run until the GPS said five miles, turn around, and run until it said 10 miles.  I knew that this would end up about a mile and a half from home, giving me a longer cool-down.

What I didn't take into account in this grand plan, and what didn't finally hit me until last night, was that I already had been running for close to a mile before the GPS started up, meaning that I actually ended up running nearer to eleven miles.  And, considering how difficult the running this week has been, I felt really good.  A bit of stiffness here and there, but no pain, and I even ran the last five miles five minutes faster than I ran the first five miles.

Last night's post-run soreness in my achilles tendon and the pain in whatever muscle it is that sits at the top of and a bit behind my hip bone (which seizes up if I sit down for too long) have pretty much disappeared today.  Today and Sunday are rest days, and next week is a planned reduced mileage week.  I'm almost disappointed that the long run will only be seven miles.


  1. Well done on the 11 miles! Isn't it great when that sort of miscalculation happens. Really enjoying your blog (along with Bassman's, which I've been reading for a long time). I remember meeting you a few years ago at a photography weekend at the Cally Palace - when Bassman had to borrow a tie to be allowed to eat in the formal dining room! :-) Cathy

  2. Thanks, Cathy! It's rare that my mathematical inability works out to my advantage, so I was quite pleased by this. (And yes, I remember the Great Tie Scandal - Bassman still chunters about it occasionally.)

    1. I am pleased to hear you say you are enjoying the training, that you got the timing wrong in your favour is a bonus. Keep it up, keep enjoying it and just think how pleased you will be with the end result. (Bassman chunter ? surely not ! )

  3. Success means never having to wear a tie.