Monday, 16 January 2012

Plans are for changing

I have finally settled on a training programme.  Unsurprisingly, this has turned out to be an amalgamation of three programmes.  I decided to follow Hal Higdon's programme for the way that he structures the increase in mileage over the 16 weeks, Sam Murphy's programme because I like the combination of speed work that she does, and Jeff Galloway's run-walk programme for the long runs.  I won't do too much shuffling around of the actual mileage, but I'll tweak the rest of it depending on how I feel on the day. It's important to retain a bit of autonomy and individuality.

It's in that spirit that I rearranged this week's runs to accommodate an unaccommodating work schedule.  Today's run was 5 miles, rather than the 3 that it was meant to be, because I don't have time for a longer run on Tuesday or Wednesday.  Well, I would if I got up at 6.30 but that would imply a level of dedication that I don't have.  

By the time I got home from work, I was tired and headachey from spending most of the day driving (2.5 hours to the north, a 1.5 hour meeting, and then home again) but I headed back out again, complaining all the way.   I think that I've embraced the run-walk concept a bit too enthusiastically as it was a challenge for the first 3 miles to motivate myself to keep running.  I suspect that I've misunderstood the concept; run-walk is meant to be structured and planned, not something that you fall back on when you can't be arsed.  Fortunately, though, my mood lifted and my muscles loosened up for the last 2 miles and I finished feeling strong.  And in not a bad time, either. 

This week's revised programme carries on with 3 miles each tomorrow and Wednesday, in preparation for 10 miles on Friday.  Unless, of course, I can think of a good reason for changing it...

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