Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Matchgirl's weekend away

Bassman and I were away in Kirkcudbright over the weekend.  He was attending a photography workshop and I tagged along with a shopping and hill-walking agenda.  Before we could head off, though, I had a seven mile run to do.  It was a cold and cloudy morning, but I didn't realise just how cold it was until I got to the farm lane above the house.  Yikes, ice!  My Yaktrax were, of course, safely tucked away in their box at home and I couldn't be bothered to go back to get them, so I decided to carry on carefully.

The first three miles weren't bad at all but then I had to resort to walking up the farm track to the main road; actually, I had to walk on the grass at the side of the track because the track itself was a sheet of ice.  The main road was okay, but the road along the Cromarty Firth was icy as well.  The result:  lots more walking than planned, cramped and sore calves from running with a baby-step shuffle, but at least my hip pain stayed well within the discomfort zone.

Kirkcudbright itself was a success.  On Saturday morning, I did a bit of shopping and bought myself a Didrikson's parka.  The actual colour of the parka is more of a softer pink and not as fluorescent as the one shown in the link and looks better on me than it does on the model, but I do like the idea of owning a coat that comes with an instruction video.  I also bought a long zippered cardigan from the local posh clothing shop - £100 on sale for £25.  It would have been rude not to indulge.

After shopping, I went hill-walking up Screel Hill near Auchencairn.  It was a not very high and not very long walk, but the views from the top were incredible.  I haven't been hill-walking in years, and my legs certainly felt it by the end.  Running muscles and walking muscles are NOT the same.  I went for a short walk on Sunday as well, although this one was all on the flat and followed the coastline of St Mary's Isle (which is a peninsula, not a real island).  I thought that this might help me to recover from the previous day's walk, but I was wrong.  I'm not sure that it was possible for my muscles to be any more seized up.

Anyway, I'm back home and back to running.  Monday was just three miles and, despite feeling like there was nothing left in my legs, I managed a quite respectable time and there was only minimal twingeing from my hip.  Today's run was six miles, and was actually enjoyable.  My hip didn't hurt at all, my speed increased as the run went on, and I amused myself by visualising crossing the finish line in London. 

Today, it's all good.


  1. I look forward to putting the photo of you crossing the finish line on my blog ;-)

    1. I'll be the one hiding her face behind the pink Mulberry...xxx

  2. I cannot imagine why you want to hide such a lovely face?

  3. Because I think that I'm vastly unphotogenic & no one will ever convince me differently!