Monday, 9 January 2012

Miles by moonlight

Last night's storms had cleared away by the time I left for work this morning, giving way to blue skies and gentle (if a bit nippy) breezes.  And, with the exception of a hail storm just before lunch that set off several car alarms outside our office window, it has stayed that way all day.  In fact, when I left work at 5pm, it felt almost balmy.

Of course, the reason that it felt warm was because I was wearing a cozy winter coat and was walking with the wind at my back, something that I only realised once I emerged from the flat in my running gear and walked (into the wind) the half-mile to the start of the run at Westerloch.  Definitely bracing. 

It was a beautiful night, though.  The moon was full and low on the horizon, hovering just above the Lerwick skyline and reflected in the waters of the Loch of Clickimin, and I kept sight of it for most of the run.  Running in the dark feels wilder and more joyful to me than running during the day; it feels like I'm running for the sheer pleasure of it rather than because I have to.  Tonight, I felt like I could have run forever.  It even crossed my mind to do Friday's 9 mile run tonight - the way that I was feeling, I certainly could have. 

But training programmes are structured the way that they are for a reason, so I was sensible.  However, I did switch this week's 3 mile and 4 mile runs around and did the 4 mile run tonight instead of tomorrow.  This was sensible too, though, as it's meant to be storms again tomorrow and I'd rather do 3 miles in a storm than 4. 

Fabulous night.  Sometimes I can't believe that they pay me to be here.

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