Saturday, 7 January 2012

A self-employed person's work is never done

Actually, if this particular self-employed person stopped procrastinating and putting things off until the last minute, then maybe she would have a less stressful life.  I spent most of yesterday and today, and will spend most of tomorrow (until I leave for the airport to go to Shetland), catching up on reports that should have been sent off before the holidays.

Yes, I had two weeks off over Christmas and New Year and, yes, I had grand plans of finishing these reports then.  But the lure of a comfy chair, a mug of tea, and a good book took precedence over doing anything that required a bit of effort.  You'd think that the fact that I get paid for these reports (once they're finished - my clients aren't daft!) would be motivation enough.  Hah!  My laziness laughs in your face and then reaches for another piece of cake...

Still, it isn't completely my fault that I'm behind with things.  One of the companies that I work for sent me some documents by email that I needed to complete their report.  The documents were password protected but, unfortunately, no one seems to know what that password is.  Cue a Big Flap at the company.  Resending the documents with a password that someone manages to keep track of doesn't seem to have occurred to them and I'm not about to suggest it - it gives me a bit of extra time to finish the bits that I'm behind on.

Inefficiency, as long as it's someone else's, sometimes does work out for the best.

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