Sunday, 18 March 2012

A decision has been taken

The writing has been on the wall for ages, but I've been trying my best to ignore it.  However, after hearing from Adam that next week's exercise programme is still to be limited to only 30 minutes of cardio (albeit at a slightly higher intensity level) and still no running, I have decided to decide.

I am going to defer the marathon until next year.  Even though my hamstring is feeling lots better, it still isn't completely there yet.  I can see now that Claudio's 'Be Cautious' and Adam's 'Be Sensible' were probably meant to be applied to more than just my rehab programme.

I am gutted by this, but I'm also glad that the panicky pressure that I was placing on myself to get better because I'M RUNNING OUT OF TIME is gone.  Bassman and I will still go to London for the weekend of 22 April, if only because I've already paid for the plane tickets and accommodation, and I'm going to look forward to it as a long weekend in one of my favourite cities. 

Possibly the first of many
I quite fancy seeing the elite runners do their thing (but I don't know yet how I'll feel about watching the rest of the race or being at our hotel when the runners start coming back with their medals).  And, without having to worry about carb loading and getting lots of sleep, we can have some fab meals and drink nice wine and have cocktails and go out clubbing after seeing a West End show.  (Okay, the clubbing might be a step too far, but you get the idea.)

So that's it.  Except, really, it's not. Unlike the last time that I got injured and had to pull out of a marathon, I actually have another marathon already lined up to aim for.  Everything that I'm doing now has a purpose - to get me around the 2013 London Marathon fit, healthy, and in a time that will make me happy.

Sponsorship update:  Because of the way that Virgin Moneygiving is set up, the charity gets the donation quite quickly so those of you who have sponsored me to do something that I'm now not going to do won't be able to claim your money back from the website.  However, I would be really happy to refund the donations that you've made.  Leave a comment for me - I won't publish it - or get in touch via email or text, and I'll get the refund to you.  Thanks for all of your support!


  1. Pressure off, run for fun, and 2013 will be a great marathon year for you!

  2. I am sorry you will not be running the marathon this year, but pleased you have managed to reach a decision you are happy with. XX

  3. Don't worry about the refund. I'm happy to give the money whether you run or not.
    Also very happy you've made the decision, difficult tho it must have been for you. And now? You can have a blast in London and see what you'll be in for next year xx

  4. Thanks, Vee. Am actually looking forward to being in London - will have to get some recommendations for good places to eat from you! xx

  5. I don't want my money back either! It's not through lack of effort on your part and it's a good cause. See you next week for gin and a listening ear.

  6. Thanks, L! Will look forward to catching up next week. xx