Friday, 30 March 2012

Splish splash

I am getting better.  Yesterday and today, for the first time in almost four weeks, I have been pain-free.  I am more able to walk at my usual brisk pace and I occasionally even forget that I am injured.  My stride length is still shortened but that might be more to do with anticipatory fear than any actual need.  On the basis of this, I was SO HOPEFUL that Adam would give me permission to increase my cardio workouts, but no.  Next week is to be like this week which was like the week before.

This not-doing-very-much programme does seem to be working; I therefore will continue to comply with Adam's directions but it's so frustrating to feel so limited.  Fortunately, today I was allowed to try my first pool jogging session.  It was only 10 minutes, and I felt like a complete idiot as I jogged my way from one end of the pool to another (it's a shallow pool so I can't do deep-water jogging) but hey, it was running.  Kind of.

Deep water jogging.
And I did notice that I was faster than some of the swimmers, which pleased me.  The fact that these other swimmers were all ladies of a quite mature age who were chatting with each other as they dog-paddled side by side - sometimes stopping to catch their breath or to share a particularly scandalous bit of gossip - is neither here nor there...I was faster!

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