Monday, 5 March 2012

Doing what I'm told

I'm still forbidden from running.  I spoke with Adam on Saturday and was honest; I reported that, although I'm slowly getting better, I'm not quite there yet.  Even I am wise enough to know that if I can't walk without pain, then I have no business running.  Adam suggested that I leave off running until I see him on the 12th; he is hopeful that by the 14th or so, I'll be back on the roads again. 

That will be three weeks of not running, including missing out on three long runs of 15, 16, and 13 miles.  It means that I now have pulled out of the Inverness Half Marathon, and it means that unless I really am able to run by the week of the 12th, I will likely have to defer the marathon until next year.  Cue lots of tears and upset, and much grumpiness about Bassman's attempts to cheer me up.  Sometimes, I just want to wallow in my misery.

(Yikes!  I have Embarrassing Bodies on the telly for background noise and just happened to glance up as the doctor was having a close up look at the scabies on some guy's penis.  Good thing I'm not wearing my glasses - sometimes there's a benefit to seeing the world as a bit of a blur.)

Anyway, I am in Shetland this week.  Last night, I walked at a fairly normal pace to and from Tesco - I think that's the first time since The Injury that I've walked that fast.  The hamstring tendon was quite twingey when I got back to the flat, but it was okay by this morning.  I walked to work today and then walked to the gym afterwards with no pain at all.  I did an hour of cardio and got my heart rate up to a respectable level, and then walked home.  All with no pain. 

It was a gorgeous night, cold and clear and no wind, with an almost-full moon bright in the sky.  Perfect running weather.  However, there will be other nights for running.  For tonight, I was just happy to be walking without pain.

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