Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Bored, but behaving

This week, I have been allowed to increase the intensity of my cardio workouts even though they still have to stay at only 30 minutes.  It took several exchanges of texts with Adam to figure out exactly what 'increase the intensity' meant; left to my own devices, I would have ramped up the resistance and pedalled like mad.  Just as well I asked, since what I was supposed to do was increase the resistance level on both the bike and the elliptical from 1 to 3, but only for five minutes on each, while keeping the speed the same. 

I'd like to say that this was SO EASY but my legs were quite tired by the end of each workout.  A sad commentary on my fitness but a reaffirmation of my wisdom in deferring the marathon.

The personal trainer who so cruelly made me cry last week hesitantly approached me today to ask if I was okay.  He didn't apologise but I took his cringing manner as an indication that he knew he had behaved badly.  We had a civilised chat about the state of my injury and he offered his PT services (for a fee, of course).  I wouldn't mind having a personal trainer again - I have very fond memories of the last one, whose nagging, encouraging, and flirting eventually resulted in me running a sub-8:00 mile and achieving my best ever 10k time - but it has to be someone that I'm willing to listen to.  And that, I'm afraid, limits the possibilities considerably.


  1. You'd argue with Usain Bolt, dearest...

  2. Nonsense. I'm a Libra and we don't argue. We just nod our heads, smile sweetly, and then do whatever we wanted to do in the first place.