Tuesday, 6 March 2012

A silver lining

Back to the gym again tonight.  Two hours of cardio in a small stuffy room, where all of the machines are in front of a wall of mirrors so that I have no choice but to watch my face become increasingly red and sweaty, thus destroying any fantasy that I might have had about looking alluring and effortless while running...even successive episodes of Deal or No Deal, Come Dine with Me, and Coach Trip weren't enough to distract me from what was going on in the mirror.  Fascinating, in a car crash kind of way.

I'm slightly concerned that I've overdone the exercise a bit. The back of my knee cramped up a couple of times while I was on the elliptical - only for a couple of seconds, so I just continued on - but it's a bit achey now, as is my calf.  I''m hoping that this is just normal soreness as my muscles adapt to being used again and not me having aggravated yet another body part.

On the positive side (and yes, I do have one), I realised that there occasionally might be some benefits to being unable to run.  There are 50mph winds here in Shetland and, even for someone as hardcore as me, that's just impossible to run in.  In fact, it's almost impossible to walk in.  On my walk to the gym, I was blown into a wall twice, blown onto the road once, and had no choice but to run a couple of times because I couldn't resist the wind at my back.  The walk home was even harder because I was walking into the wind with my very tired gym legs.  It was nice to have an excuse to not even attempt to run outside. 


  1. The walk to and from the gym sounds like a workout in itself. I'm still keeping everything tightly crossed for you. If you need a stiff gin and a sympathetic ear at any point I'll be there!

  2. I was talking to a work colleague yesterday who used to do triathlons but who hasn't been able to run more than 3 miles in over a year because of various minor injuries that became major ones. She gave me a stern talking to about listening to my body, not pushing myself too fast, and giving everything plenty of time to heal. I know she's right. But I hate it...bring on the gin. x

  3. Being patient with your body is hard. We have some Boe gin in the house if there's an emergency gin session required! It's very nice. Hope you don't need it...