Monday, 12 March 2012

Some progress, but still no running

It took most of the weekend for the aching muscles induced by Claudio's treatment to subside.  I went to the gym this morning but only did 30 minutes on the elliptical plus lots of stretching.  Nothing hurt, although there was fleeting discomfort at the back of my knee.

This is what my hamstring did today!
I had an appointment with Adam at 3pm, where first we addressed our miscommunication about what 'slow and steady' means and then moved on to the massage.  There were small signs of progress.  While my hamstring and calf were still very tight, they relaxed much more quickly than last time, and the trigger points in my calf and back of the knee were not as painful.  The trigger points at the top of my hamstring were barely noticeable.  Adam focused a lot more on stretching my hamstring this time and, for a very brief moment, I actually felt like I had normal mobility.

Adam's advice, which I will be able to follow now that we're speaking the same language, is no running this week.  I'm allowed to go to the gym on consecutive days but should not be doing any more than 30 minutes cardio, split between the elliptical and the bike.  Lots of stretching.  We'll speak on Friday and, if all has gone well, then maybe I can add in some light weights for next week.  I very much doubt if next week will include running.

We had a discussion about whether I should decide now to defer the marathon.  Adam said to give it two more weeks and see where I am then.  He still thinks it might be possible for me to complete the race, even getting back into training at that late date, but I would need to reduce my goal for completion drastically.  I'm 90% certain that I'm going to end up deferring, but there's still a part of me that remains hopeful. 

Gadget update:  I've wanted an iPad for ages but have always talked myself out of buying one...until today.  Blame it on Anne, who alerted me to the fact that the iPad 2 is now reduced in price due to the new iPad coming out.  Blame it on my injury...if I can't walk, then I need something that I can do sitting down.  And, even though I'm pretty much resigned to my non-running fate, I still thought that I deserved some cheering up.  And nothing does that like a new toy!


  1. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for you. Hope the ipad is a suitable distraction! If you want any tips I have an expert here who is rarely separated from his...!

  2. It's bad enough being told what to do by Adam & Claudio; I don't think that my compliance gene can bear being told what to do by yet another person...still, I'm learning that I don't always know best, so I'll keep your expert in mind!

  3. I'm no expert, but I do have loads of apps. Let me know if you want some suggestions. Not 'telling' mind, just suggestions!

  4. I'm slowly working my way through the instruction manual in an 'I can do this myself, thank you very much' kind of way. However, once I reach the limits of my competence (which should be soon), suggestions, tips, and sharing will be very welcome!