Sunday, 6 January 2013

9 miles, consistently slow

Day 6 of the Janathon started at 5.45am, when Maia heaved her 11-pound body onto my chest and pushed her nose against mine in an attempt to see if I was awake and possibly inclined to feed her.  I wasn't awake and I wasn't about to get out of bed before the central heating had even come on.  However, her optimism had awoken Willow and Pandora who also wondered if I might be getting up and it took a bit of ignoring of piteous cries and the biting of toes before everyone settled down again - Willow on my chest, Maia on my stomach, and Pandora across my ankles.  It was all very cozy although not very restful.  (Shut them out of the bedroom?  Don't be silly.)

I would have preferred to have done today's 9-mile run on a bit more sleep, but such is life with cats.  (They aren't spoiled, they are loved.)  After the ritual Feeding of the Cats at 8:00, I had my own ritual breakfast of hot water with lemon, porridge with demerara sugar and raisins, and tea.  By the time I finished eating, taped up my achilles and calf, decided what to wear, and got the Camelbak sorted, the morning was almost over - I have no idea where the time went; surely not on reading the Mail Online? - but at least I was on my way. 

My goal for today's run was to be consistent with my pacing.  No more heading out quickly, exhausting my legs half-way, slowing down, trying to speed up, and getting injured.  Nope, I've learned my lesson.  My goal pace, according to my training programme, was an 11:39min/mile and, with a couple of exceptions, I managed this pretty well.  I couldn't keep myself from picking up speed going downhill, and I walked a couple of times when my calf got tight (and when I had my SiS gel; if I try to take gels when I'm moving, I end up dribbling them down the front of myself.).  Oh, and I had a lot of brief stops because of traffic.  Otherwise, I stayed mostly within 10 seconds either way of the target.

It wasn't a hugely exciting run, but I felt that I maintained good form for most of it and I felt okay at the end of it.  And, frankly, any long run that I finish without an injury is worth celebrating! 


  1. Sounds like a good, solid - and reassuring - long run. :-)

  2. I'm trying not to feel too optimistic - because that's when I end up pushing myself too hard - but yes, this run has reassured me somewhat. Especially since, the morning after, my legs feel absolutely fine. Will try to rein in the happy dance, though, just in case I pull a muscle.

  3. Me thinks the kitties are a bit spoiled too. ;-)

  4. That's only because you're such a stern dad to your two! =^..^=