Friday, 25 January 2013

A gentle shout from Adam

I didn't run today.  I really really wanted to, if only to see how damaged my calf is (I would have stopped the instant it started to hurt - honestly, I would have) but I've mismanaged these injuries so many times in the past that I decided to listen to the Voice of Reason.  Yes, I texted Adam this morning because history shows that I cannot be trusted to do what's in my own best interests.

With a shouty TAKE THINGS STEADY and GENTLY DOES IT, he made his opinion known.  Well, actually he didn't, because those shouts were open to interpretation.  He could have meant that it was okay to do a gentle, steady run.  (Oh, stop laughing.  He could too have meant that.)  However, I am learning and, instead of hearing what I wanted to hear, I asked for clarification.  Turns out that he meant NO RUNNING, possibly a VERY GENTLE session on the cross-trainer if I couldn't bear to be inactive (although he wasn't in favour of this, either), and a SHORT and GENTLE run on the treadmill to test things out before our appointment on Monday.  There was no way to misinterpret any of that.  Damn.

I've also been told to wear my compression socks all day, elevate my leg, alternate ice and heat, and do very GENTLE stretching later on today.  Sheesh, it's like I've become my own elderly aunt.  Next thing you know, I'll be having some medicinal sherry and cake. 

Time to be PATIENT.  Again. 


  1. Thank goodness for Adam and his shouty texts!

  2. They make me laugh but I suspect that if he didn't shout, I wouldn't listen. I'm not sure that I like it that he knows me so well...

  3. Well, I'm glad you are continuing to be So Sensible and Patient! Listen to the Voice, keep your eyes on the goal, and you'll soon be back on course! 85 days 12 hours to go! (Are you allowed cake for medicinal reasons?)

  4. Medicinal cake doesn't break the NoMoreCake-athon rules; I'll have to get Bassman to bring me some medicinal cupcakes from tomorrow's market...there are now 85 days 11 hours in which to keep myself healthy. At the moment, that seems like an overwhelming task but I like a challenge!