Monday, 14 January 2013

Janathon: A force for good

Day 14 of Janathon.  Just as well this wasn't a running day as the wind is somewhere around 25mph, it's raining, and it's bitterly cold.  Instead, I headed off to the box-like gym at the Lerwick Leisure Centre where it was overly hot, smelly (the big sweaty gym guys were out in force), and crowded.  Hmmm, maybe I would have preferred to run outside after all.

I did my lower body workout as best I could; the teeny tiny Lerwick gym doesn't have all of the weight machines that my big fancy Inverness gym does, but I try not to be a gym snob.  Not always successfully, but I do try.  I'm starting to see some progress with the weights and with the rower.  I've been able to increase the weight on the hamstring curl machine to where Adam thought it should be in the first place.  And, when I first started using the rowing machine, I couldn't manage more than a couple of minutes before my arms felt on fire and I had to stop.  Now, I can row for 2000m at 10 strokes per minute faster than I was when I started.  I'm looking forward to the first signs of muscle definition! 

Today also is Day 13 of the NoMoreCake-athon.  I've been amazed at how little I miss cake.  With the exception of the first couple of days when I felt at loose ends - what was I going to eat if I wasn't going to have cake? - and a couple of lunches out with cake-eating friends, I haven't really thought about it.  Even today at work, when I was confronted by the array of cakes, chocolates, and biscuits that are permanent fixtures in the staff kitchen, I wasn't tempted. 

WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME???  I'm now exercising every day and enjoying it; my running legs seem to have taken the next step in their evolution; and I don't want cake.  It's all good and I have every intention of carrying on with these new behaviours once January is over but I'll just say this now...I am NOT giving up crisps.

Stats for Janathon Day 14:

Weight session at gym:  1
Total number of weight machines at gym:  7
Big sweaty gym guys hogging the weight machines:  5
Cakes & biscuits & chocolates wanted:  0
New lease of life:  1


  1. Re the NoMoreCake-athon .... I knew it!!! :-)
    And congrats on braving the gym - sounds pretty grim.

  2. If it weren't for Janathon, I probably would have given the gym a miss. It's not a bad gym, just very very small, and I'm very very impatient...tomorrow will be the true test of cake resistance. Team meeting, with cakes at the top of the agenda. I WILL be strong!