Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Stretching it

I didn't plan to do any Janathon activity or blogging today.  Between working, travelling back to Inverness, and then travelling home, I didn't anticipate on having the time or the desire to do any of that.  And, for most of the evening, I found that I had anticipated correctly.  I was perfectly happy snuggled under my blanket, watching television, and sipping a glass of port.

I'm not sure where the surge of Janathon guilt came from but, at 9.30, I levered myself off the sofa and did my stretches.  And then I foam rollered my calf (which is a bit twingey after yesterday's run and after sitting all scrunched up for an hour and half in a teensy plane seat).  And then I even did my core exercises; I'm up to 30 seconds for my planks - regular and side ones!

It's not exactly exercise, but it is more than I had planned on doing.  Therefore, I think that it counts and my streak is unbroken.  Whew.


  1. Very well done for levering yourself off the sofa! Why is it that we are happy to run for 1+ hours, but hate doing ten minutes of exercises?! ;-)
    Can I ask why you foam rollered your calf instead of using your Stick? My hip/glute was sore after my 7 mile plod today, so I dug out my foam roller and did the outside of my thigh. OUCH!! OWWW!! Is the Stick not quite as intense?

  2. That made me laugh; I hadn't considered it that way, but you're exactly right! As for the Stick vs the Roller: Adam recommends the foam roller over the Stick because he thinks that you can get deeper and hit the trigger points more easily. I hate to say it, but I think he's right. The trigger points in my calf HURT HURT HURT with the foam roller, but are just a bit uncomfortable with the Stick. I still use the Stick, but more for when I'm travelling...well done on the 7 miles! Were you running in the snow?

  3. No snow, just cold. Had done 3 5-mile runs on alternate days, so this was to be my week's long run. Aimed (obviously unrealistically) for 7 miles as I was going to go deliberately slowly. And now I've got sharp pain in my left hip, which I'm thinking might be an ITB injury. So, "well done" is undeserved, I think. :-(
    Useful advice re roller vs Stick. The roller was agony yesterday, the Stick didn't seem to have any impact when I used it this morning. Roller it is, then!

  4. 7 miles, especially when you're hurting, does indeed deserve a 'well done'! I've never had to roll an ITB injury, for which I am thankful given how much people say that it hurts. I roll mine occasionally just to keep them relaxed, and that's bad enough. Am sending vibes of sympathy your way!