Thursday, 3 January 2013

Farewell, my lovely cake

Part of my inspiration for signing up for the Janathon was a friend who is doing a Dryathlon (giving up drinking for January and raising money for Cancer Research UK at the same time).  In turn, I seem to have inspired Bassman to do a Snapathon (taking a worthwhile - his word, not mine - photograph every day in January).  Other friends are having a go at exercising every day, even though they won't be blogging about it.  It's all very exciting and motivational.

However, I seem to have gotten carried away with the joy of -athoning and, in an uncharacteristic burst of optimism, have now committed myself to doing the NoMoreCake-athon that I was joking about a few posts ago.  I've even expanded the original concept to include not just cake but chocolates and cookies.  And cupcakes (that's how seriously I'm taking this).

It seemed like a good idea at the time but, really, WHAT WAS I THINKING???  (Note to self:  You were thinking that it might be nice to stop popping buttons off your trousers.  And that losing those cake-related extra pounds might benefit your running.  And that maybe you would feel healthier and more energetic.)  I hate being deprived - even when it's me doing the depriving - and I miss the idea of cake already. 

I've decided, though, not to give up sugar altogether; that's much too drastic an action and, besides, there's still half a tub of chocolate Philly to finish.  Can't have that going to waste.  And I need my TangFastics and Sport Jelly Beans for my long runs.  And there's fake sugar in the hot chocolate mix so that doesn't count.  And and and...

Yes, there's nothing like ignoring the rules (even when they're self-imposed) to make me feel better!

Janathon Day 3:  Gym session consisting of 10 minutes warm-up on the bike followed by leg presses, leg extensions, hamstring curls, side lunges, 2000m/10.5 minutes on the rower, and 10 minutes cool-down on the cross-trainer.  And 15 minutes in the sauna afterwards as a treat since I CAN'T HAVE CAKE.

Sugary things not purchased during post-workout trip to Tesco:  A six-pack of Cadbury's Creme Eggs, gingerbread men, Tesco Finest Triple Chocolate Cookies, profiteroles, and chocolate cheesecake.  Sheesh, I probably burned off more calories wrestling with temptation than I did at the gym.


  1. Jelly Belly Sport Beans? Been wondering about those, as I don't fancy using gels. How do you carry / scoff them on the run? And do they really make a difference?
    Good luck with the no-more-cake-athon, by the way! I hope Bassman is also forgoing cakely indulgences to support you through this difficult time .... :-)

  2. I like them because I like jelly beans in general, but my experience is that I have to eat a fair number to feel any effect. I carry them in their pack in my jacket pocket or the pocket of the Camelbak, and find it easy to eat them on the run. Unlike jelly babies, which require too much chewing. I tend to use gels for fuel on long runs though - SiS or Viper, but only in the orange flavour - and save the jelly beans for snacking between gels or for the walk home after the run...Bassman did offer to avoid cakely things, but I very understandingly and martyrishly have allowed him to continue to indulge. I'm such a good wife sometimes.

  3. I won't be indulging, of course, even though I've given permission to do so. The big sad eyes will be too much to bear.