Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Doing what needs to be done

Adam had to cancel our appointment yesterday due to snow.  Like everywhere else in the UK except for the Rural Retreat, his particular place of residence was under 6 inches of snow with no gritters in sight and more snow falling.  I had planned to go to the gym before our appointment but, after Adam's cancellation, I felt that I had to decide between making an 80 minute round trip just for the gym, solely to fulfill the Janathon requirement of exercise everyday, and staying at home and getting caught up on all of the work that I hadn't done over the previous four days because I was too busy lending my moral support to the kittens. 

In the spirit of my new Sensible Self, I stayed at home.  I spent hours either on the phone with or waiting for a phone call from our soon-to-be new electricity supplier (who somehow had arranged for our neighbour's electricity supply to be changed over instead of ours).  I got caught up with all of my work emails, phone calls, and invoices and made a list of all of the outstanding letters and reports that I need to do (yikes, how did I get so far behind???  I can't blame it all on the kittens.  Or can I?).  And then I spent the entire evening sitting on the bed in the Kittenry, keeping the three girls company while also completing a spread sheet of my earnings and expenses in preparation for doing my taxes online before the 31 January deadline.  Phew.  I had just about enough energy left after all of that to crawl into bed.  But not enough energy to take my pillows etc back into the proper bedroom.  Yep, I slept with the kittens again last night.

Janathon Day 22:  I'm back on track.  I went to the gym before work and spent over an hour on my upper body routine, a bit of cardio, and stretches.  Tomorrow, the plan is to be out running by 7am so that I can fit in my 5 miles before work.  Maybe, if I'm lucky, it'll be snowing.

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  1. Spreadsheets and online taxes - those words strike a chill into my heart! I don't envy you "that" part of self employment one iota. Being able to run at pretty much any time, though ... that's got to be a plus.